Survivors of Toxic Parents Group

The Siochan Centre offers a 10 week Psycho educational course for adults overcoming the effects of Toxic parenting. The saying toxic parent means that when the parents own damaging behaviour wreaks emotional injury that affects the child’s sense of self. This occurs when adults use verbal, physical or sexual abuse, and/ or disregard their child’s emotional needs. At times these patterns can be so set that they continue into adult life, with the result that these patterns are not being recognized or treated.

There are some parents who constantly use these patterns of harmful care giving which can leave a legacy of guilt, and shame with their children.

Unfortunately these patterns of behaviour are usually generational. With one parent. learning from their parent, underlining the link between a person’s parenting style and their own emotional problems. Often these difficulties only become apparent when the child grows up

Many people suffering from the affects of toxic parenting struggle with addiction, depression, low self image and esteem and find it difficult to connect with others. They can also struggle with being assertive and are quite critical of themselves.

This psycho- educational group will enable participants learn and express their emotions, learn healthy strategies for allowing themselves to get angry at what happened to them in the past, begin the process of learning to trust yourself, start to practice taking care of yourself and taking charge of your life and how you relate to members of your family.

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